Content Policy

The flood of online information relating to fitness and nutrition is overwhelming for many. Our aim is to provide some much needed clarity in these areas. The values and stance we abide by as a brand when producing our content is laid out below:

We don’t deliver opinions as facts

The personal opinion any of our authors may hold regarding a particular topic is irrelevant. We provide our readers with facts. If we publish an opinion piece that falls outside of our usual objective style, it will be made crystal clear.

We don’t twist scientific findings

We are not interested in boosting traffic from social media with an exaggerated headline, and we don’t present “half-truths” to fit a narrative. This is an online space for our readers to get transparent explanations of the various sports-science and nutrition related material we cover.

We don’t deliver do/don’t messages

We believe people have the right to make their own choices. Rather than telling our readers what they should and shouldn’t do, we deliver available, reliable information on given topics, so that they can make informed decisions and understand the predictable consequences of their choices.

We cite our sources

The work of any external sources that we refer to will always be highlighted as such, in order for you to gain an understanding of the credibility and reliability a certain content provider may have.

We scrutinise our sources!

Each and every fact within articles on our site has been heavily scrutinised to ensure it is of 100% validity. If we find a study was poorly conducted, if we cannot corroborate information, or if we identify a conflict of interest, we will always highlight it!

We admit if we’re wrong

We take time and care with our content production. However, if errors occur we have no problem in holding our hands up and correcting these mistakes. We encourage our readers to engage with as much of our content as possible and this includes constructive feedback.

That’s why the content you will find on our site is free from bias, subjectivity and bulls*#t.

Date of last effective update is May 30, 2019.

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